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Art of Entertaining

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Dear Readers,

Martha Stewart's journey in the world of service business has inspired women all over the world. Looking at her journey from a stockbroker to the domestic guru, to media mogul reinventing the art of homemaking, you can only say that she is simply super talented who dare to wear multiple hats and willing to take higher risks.

Martha Stewart’s talent for innovation and presentation has attracted a string of prestigious clients. Her first book "Entertaining" got her fame with loyal woman following. Since then, she has reached out to women through her books, television shows, products, and effectively communicated the message of hope, pride, and self-worth when it came to daily life entertaining guests and managing households. She made an average woman proud to be a homemaker. She gave woman something new to look at and see things around them differently, as an art- from cooking to serving, and from decor to garden. 

For the event industry, she raised the bar with her DIY list of topics that she talked about and shared tips via various platforms. She has left nothing behind that anyone could think of when it comes to event planning, decor, wedding flowers, interiors, fashion, and menus to an art of serving.

On Martha Stewart's Birthday, the gift that we can give is by saying, "Thank you" for all that she has done to make our job challenging, interesting and paving our paths to innovation.


Love to hear what you have to say!


navjot Kaur