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In my views, Pantone colors would undoubtedly influence the trends for weddings in 2017?

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Dear Readers,

No one in the fashion, event design industry ever thought back in 1963 when Pantone developed the first color matching system, that years later we all would be waiting for the big announcement about color trends each year.  The impact that it has in the fashion industry is unbelievable.  Pantone, moving into the 17th year stole the show by announcing colors and giving something to talk about among professionals at fashion week.

Designers like myself from the event industry wait for the announcement for months ahead each year.  Nevertheless,  we all embrace the color palette as a trend for the coming year.  I was not surprised when Pantone announced the color palette for 2017, introducing ten colors; Kale, Hazelnut, Lapis Blue, Niagara, Primrose Yellow, Greenery, Flame, Island Paradise, Pink Yarrow, and Pale Dogwood specifying the season.  

What does it mean to have color palette out and how would it impact the consumers out there besides professional like us who are designing wedding based on what colors bride and groom may opt for the ceremony and reception? I would say,  it would play a crucial role in determining whether brides and grooms out there follow the trends or want to become trendsetters. 

Having said that, I would like to place emphasis on the point that before the year begins, you would see many Pinterest boards with the Pantone colors of the year.  One would see fashion outlets selling trendy colors.  Indeed, it would become an inspiration to many who did not know where to begin.  And designers would get busy testing the color palette through creating designs to showcase their work to attract new clients.  Playing around with flowers and fabrics is a fun part for myself each year as this helps me to understand the concept behind the color palette and how I can use these colors to design a unique wedding, especially flowers. 

Can't believe that we are stepping into 2017 in the three months, one can expect to see festive colors, to begin with; moving into whites with adding the tint of pastels, gray, and blue.  It would be interesting to see what bridesmaid dresses color would be and what flowers brides would choose when following the trends. In my opinion, when it would come to selecting the flowers for the wedding, then one would see more pastels, whites, hues of white to bring about tones of any color on the palette.

 I am seeing brides going with softer tones and solid linen with textures but placing more importance to dressing up the chairs.  I think details would matter most such as white napkins with monogram and clients would be selecting more delicate and unique flowers such as two-tone hydrangeas, spray garden roses, greens such as Italian Ruscus. The accent of dull gold and silver with an accent of crystal embellishments may still be hot infusing traditions because of the metallic embroidery a must in some parts of the world for the bridal wear.


How would you use the Pantone color palette for your next event or the wedding in 2017?


Love to hear what you have to say. 


navjot kaur