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Think again! big, Tall vs. Small, Low centerpieces for your wedding Reception?

                                                            Design, Flowers & Production: navjot Design | Photo: SY Photography

                                                            Design, Flowers & Production: navjot Design | Photo: SY Photography

Dear Readers,

The wedding is a big day and a lot to think about when it comes to considering centerpieces for your weddings and events; there is always a debate among tall vs. low and big vs. small

Going with small or tall is up to you; however, tall centerpieces are so much more dramatic.  If you are concerned about the height limiting table talk, then you can work around that with slim-stemmed centerpieces, bloom above the level of the guests head, using clear materials such as acrylic and glass for the base.  If you are worried about cost, don’t be!  There is always a way to achieve the look and feel you want, as long as your budget is reasonable.

Here are the pro and cons when you are looking for the best option: 

Small: Cost-Efficient,  Saves money on tall bases,  Conducive to Conversation

Big: Huge Statement,  Allows more Creativity,  More flowers or other elements to add, a wow factor

Low Cons:  Less Noticeable,  Not a big Statement

Tall Cons:  Not as Conducive to Conversation,  More Expensive,  Choices with various shape as a base

If the budget and conversation are still a concern of yours, then you can elect to place tall centerpieces on few family tables and place super big in low size on the sweetheart table or head table.  You can also choose to alternate tall and small centerpieces throughout the venue.  After all the things taken into consideration, you can place these tall centerpieces at the food/dessert buffets, cocktail/signature drink stations, and other specialized tables/bars.

Whatever you may decide, there is always a way to lighten up your event by taking your centerpieces to a new height of elegance!


Love to hear what you have to say.


navjot kaur



Venue:  Makray Golf Course, Barrington, IL

Photo Credit: SY Photography