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Did you know, wearing a veil on your wedding is a custom in most cultures?

Dear Readers,

Most of us follow traditions because they are passed on from one generation to another.  One would assume living in the East that all western wedding traditions are the same and people residing in the West most likely think that all Indian wedding almost hold the same traditions. We tend to forget that each part of the world has its unique culture to offer.  There are quite a few traditions that are universal and followed in most parts of the world. 

Among many, this one is on the top on my list, “It’s bad luck for Groom to see the bride before the wedding.”  In the east, older folks arranged weddings, where bride and groom would only be allowed to see each other after the wedding.  It is one of the reasons to wear a veil which is called a Dupatta in the east at the wedding ceremony.  The only difference is color and length of the veil.  In old times, a Greek bride wore a veil as a protective shield against evil spirits, and in Medieval times, brides wore a veil as a symbol of purity.  Every society had their reasons, but on a personal level, it was all about following traditions, economic status, and age of the couple. 

In today’s age, it is about adding excitement to the series of the process at the wedding.  Most never question or understand the history but would follow a tradition because these lovely brides hear the wedding stories of their great grandmother getting married back then and feel connected the culture strongly enough to go with it.  



It has become a fashion statement in the modern era and an addon as a formal wedding accessory.  When people saw Kate Middleton wearing a veil that was 72" long, many brides loved the idea, and I would say thanks to the Royal Wedding for the comeback of the veil.  Many a time, I see brides trying to figure out as how to wear the veil in a proper manner and carry yourself at the wedding in an elegant way. 

I always encourage Brides to hire a stylist who could introduce to various style and come up with one that fits your personality and go well with you bridal attire.  In the end, its bride’s day and she should feel like a queen, adding a touch of her likes and dislikes or creating one that gives her happiness and peace of mind with no confusion of right or wrong. 


Do you see wearing a veil on your big day?


Love to hear what you have to say.


navjot kaur


Photo Credit: Swooned magazine, Pinterest