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Your Wedding Should Have Your SIGNATURE

Dear Readers,

As we all know, most brides are looking at the social media platforms to search for ideas in age of technology. Instagram and Pinterest seem to be most brides favorite. It's ok to look for ideas, but I believe your wedding should have your SIGNATURE. You are having guests to celebrate with you on your big day coming from far and near.  They are there to be a part of your experience enjoying your taste. When considering decor and centerpieces for your weddings and events, one should ask oneself a question _ what exactly they want to reflect because you are creating long-term memories. 

With every wedding, my success story begins with one of those brides who walks into my studio with ideas collected on their mobile from Pinterest or shared by her friends and family. I hear them out, and then I ask them to dig deep into themselves to visualize their wedding and help them dream with me. At that very moment, we both make a connection and after that, together we add special touches to make it personalize. I think in service business we are not selling unique products or designing luxury florals, but more importantly, we are bringing an experience where the client can relax and see their inspirations coming into life with our innovative ideas. I feel that as an artist, we not only sell unique florals or create stunning statement pieces or create stage sets, but a part of ourselves goes in there to bring out every little detail filled with emotions. 

This past weekend, I was at a wedding that I worked on.  A beautiful voice came from behind, "Navjot" and as I turned around, I saw one of my past client who's wedding I designed years ago getting off the chair to give me hug with thanks and reminded me of her stage and florals. She remembered every little detail from flowers on the backdrop to cake decor to lighting. A happy client is always a blessing, and I thanked her for placing trust in me as a designer and my company for the services. 

I would like to take a moment to thank all my wonderful brides and grooms out there who allowed me and my team to expand the vision creating innovative designs to complement your lifestyle and unique individual taste with a SIGNATURE of your own.


Love to hear what you have to say!

navjot kaur